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UV and Skin

Sensitive skin and UV: the dangers of daily sun exposure

For most people, the sun is a universal symbol of positivity, the most natural phenomenon of mood-booster. And yet, 365 days a year, regardless of summer or winter, sun exposure appears as our skin’s biggest enemy. 

On your morning commute or during a quick lunch-break, even though with strong cloud cover, the UV rays will still reach your deeper skin tissues and triggers the following side effects:

  • With the high temperature heat induced by the sun rays, the skin will be irritated while accompanied by redness and discomfort. 
  • UVA and UVB rays then set off oxidative stress, leading to micro-inflammation.
  • This causes blood vessels to dilate and nerve endings to fire off pain signals.
  • The sun rays thus cause dehydration to your skin’s superficial layers, damaging its protective film and leaving it exposed to external aggressors. 
  • UV also act as a pro-oxidant tag team with pollution particles, further worsening the oxidative stress and irritation within your skin.
  • Long term, long-UVA, which are particularly present throughout the day regardless of the weather, exacerbates the skin’s sensitivity and accelerates darkening.

Sun protection is not just for the beach.

Daily exposure to sunlight is the skin’s top stressor which detracts your skin quality as well as its uniformity.

What Are The Criteria Which Makes The Best Sun Care For Your Skin?

1. First of all, ensure your sunscreen comes in a silky, lightweight, spreadable texture to avoid excessive rubbing.
2. Make sure that your sunscreen contains a high protection, broad spectrum UVA-UVB filter with SPF 30 plus long-UVA protection.

3. Lastly, it has been tested on sensitive and sun-allergic skin and free of irritant and paraben.
Further, it is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide which immerse the skin with a protective layer of lipid while sustaining the skin’s natural healthy functions and restoring its vital moisture.
The good news is: Our innovative Timeless Sun Care fulfills all the above criteria and it is encapsulated in formulation with a potent effective array of anti-oxidants and skin restoring ingredients to safeguard our skin from environmental damage.

Don’t feel like using foundation every day?

Timeless Sun Care is also a multitasking sunscreen that melts into your face like a second skin. It diminishes discoloration, reduces signs of sun damage while acting as a non-makeup makeup base. As it calms sensitive and irritated skin, it certainly offers as a great alternative to makeup foundation for sensitive and acne prone skin.

Besides, Timeless Sun Care is also composed of highly concentrated Vitamin C which has shown to deliver amazing skin lightening benefits. As such, it increases the skin protection against free radical attacks from UVA & UVB rays while accelerating wound healing for photo-damage skin.