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Lagom Double Cleansing- The Cornerstone to a Soft, Refreshing and Glowing Skin.

        Double cleansing is the cornerstone of an effective daily skin care routine. It's absolutely not just what you think as it is by washing your face twice with the same cleanser. The real purpose of double cleansing is to ensure that the path is clear for your skincare functionality so that your toner, serums and moisturisers can work more collaboratively to deliver the best results within your expectation. To ensure you are performing your double cleansing correctly, let me elaborate the benefits of double cleansing and why you should start doing it immediately to safeguard your gorgeous skin. 


        First of all, double cleansing helps you to get rid of grime that sits on top of your skin, along with makeup, excess oil, impurities and dead cells. You must be wondering whether your cleansing routine has performed the similar functions? My answer is: Not necessarily. You really need to double cleanse you skin especially if you live under a polluted, hot and humid weather, or if you wear a protective sunscreen (which I believe each of you do) which will leave some deposits behind if it is not been thoroughly washed off. Not mentioning your daily make-up wear, a double cleanse is definitely a must to erase all traces of your makeup to unclog the underlying pores. Further, a thorough cleansed skin will not only allow a better absorption of the subsequent serum and cream application but to enhance its functions at an optimal level.

        Start the process with Lagom Miracle Makeup Remover which contains skin boosting minerals, essential fatty acids and natural emollients to dissolve all traces of your makeup. It is gentle on your skin while amazingly exfoliates, purifies and refreshes your skin in just one single step. 

    1. Gently apply Lagom Miracle Makeup Remover onto your moist skin and it will miraculously transform into a light milk that penetrates into the skin while clearing pore-blocking impurities. After rinsing the makeup remover, move on to your second facial Lagom Glowing Cleanser and wash your face as normal.

    2. If you are on holiday and are having a dull complexion, then you might want to add a little micro peeling cream ExfoLight on your entire face after the Miracle Makeup Remover to further brighten your complexion. Rub off after 5 minutes stay on your face, then proceed with Glowing Cleanser

    3. Glowing Cleanser is a lightweight, non-drying cleanser that soothes you skin by removing excess oil, debris and pollutants from your skin without disrupting its natural lipid layer.

    4. If you have ultra-sensitive skin, be rest assured that this double cleansing combination will be best suited to your skin as it acts as humectant which bind moisture to the skin while reducing dryness and irritations.

Do it today, if you can’t wait to have a flawless and glowing complexion!