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Fat Reduction

Antiage RF Electroporation

Cellulite is among the most distressing and challenging skin disorder in the aesthetic industry. Despite multidisciplinary physical, mechanical, pharmacological agents, exercise and strict diet regimens, the signs and symptoms of cellulite mostly remain untreated. In the past decade, cellulite management has inspired new generation of ground breaking non-surgical system with promising results on correction of cellulite signs and symptoms. RF Antiage is a novel radiofrequency (RF) device to address cellulite formation effectively by employing volumetric thermotherapy.

Its monopolar handpiece improves cellulite symptoms based on three mechanisms:

  1. Deep dermal heat blasting - up-regulation of neocollagenesis and tissue remodelling.
  2. Enhancement of stagnant blood microcirculation (hyperaemia by vasodilatation) and lymphatic drainage of trapped fatty deposits and toxins.
  3. Fat cell disintegration and thermally-induced fat cell apoptosis.

By infusing an emission of electromagnetic waves at medium frequency (1Mhz), Antiage induces the opening of micro channels at stratum corneum to maximize cell permeability absorption at multiple dermis layer. By increasing the cells’ permeability, it facilitates the penetration of active ingredients to successfully reach 80% of the intended fat cells to attain the desired aesthetic results. 

Apart from maximization of drug delivery, this system simultaneously increases the skin temperature by 5°C to 7°C to generate heat friction to accelerate metabolism. This process creates intense momentum for the adipocytes to release fatty acids into the lymphatic system which results in lysis. The waste toxin is then transported out of the body through sweat glands and our body’s lymphatic system. 

Meanwhile, the rise in temperature the dermal tissues increases blood flow, providing additional nourishment of oxygen and nutrients to the surrounding tissues to stimulate collagen synthesis and skin tightening. It ensures the restoring of skin elasticity due to the contraction of fibers which leads to a tighter, firmer, and sexier body contour. New structures of collagen and elastin fibers are formed as a result of the increase in metabolism of fibroblasts. This thereby creates a long-lasting body slimming and tightening effect which is beyond your expectation.

The success of Antiage RF Electroporation is based on the hypothesis in achieving a balance between safety and effectiveness of drug delivery. Completing a course of treatments will result in visible reduction of fibrous cellulite appearance while experiencing a circumferential trimming on the treated area.

Clinical Trials

Localized Fats Reduction
Stretchmarks Removal
Elimination of Cellulite
Abdomen Fat Blasting


1. What are the expected results?

Visible results after the first session. You may experience an approximately 2-6 cm circumference reduction in the treated area in each session. Results may vary for each individual depending on the conditions of the fat accumulation.

2. How many sessions do I need to go through?

An intensive course of 10 treatments is highly recommended. You are advised to complete the full sessions over the period of 5-8 weeks at 2 sessions weekly. However, maintenance sessions may be required to achieve your expected aesthetic nresults.

3. How does the device operate?

Our highly skilled professional therapist will conduct a complete measurement to the treated area in prior to the commencement of the treatment. A layer of cooling contact gel will be applied on the treated to reduce the intense heat generated from the device. The monopolar handpiece will be rolled on the treated area for 10-20 minutes depending on the size of the treated area.

4. What is the post treatment downtime?

Since RF Antiage is a non-invasive procedure, it is absolutely no downtime and no pain. You are allowed to resume your daily activities right after the treatment.

5. What are the post-treatment maintenance care?

It is recommended to drink more water immediately after the treatment in order to facilitate draining and detoxification from the lymphatic system. You are advised to apply Lypolesse twice a day consecutively until the desired result is achieved.

6. Who is the right candidate?

RF Antiage Transdermotherapy is a safe and effective treatment for excessive fat accumulation and fibrotic cellulite. Women at all ages who are affected by the cellulite appearance and stubborn fats are the best candidates for the treatment. Our consultant will provide an in-depth consultation for you in prior to the proposed treatment.

Treatment Package