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Pigmentation , Dark Spots & Melasma Eraser

An Integral Approach to Conteract Pigmentation

For centuries, women have been endlessly searching for ways to retain and regain flawless clear skin with perfect skin complexion. However, the inevitable intrinsic and extrinsic factors such as free radicals, hormonal changes and excessive sun exposure lead to over production of melanin by the melanocytes causing the the formation of patchy pigmentation and dark spots, making you look distressful. 

Our natural skin colour is primarily determined by the presence of melanin in the skin. Skin colour ranges from almost black to white with a pinkish tinge due to blood vessels underneath. Yet, our natural skin tone could be disrupted due to prolong chronic exposure to sunlight. Uneven pigmentation adversely affects all of us, regardless of our ethnic background or skin colour. Pigmentary disorder may appear in lighter (hypopigmentation) or darker (hyperpigmentation) skin tone, blotchiness, patches of brown to greyish discoloration or freckling. Even though it is not life-threatening, but it could cause sleepless nights to those who have been desire for a perfectly clear and radiant skin tone. 

Today, most consumers realize the negative impact of UVA and UVB radiation which leads to photoaging and the importance of protecting their skin from excessive sun damage as it undoubtedly aggravates and accelerates the process of photoaging. 

The constant technological advancement has exposed the consumers to various invasive measures which work efficiently in combating skin oxidation, UV radiation and cellular aging while revitalizing dull looking complexion and improving skin firmness. 

However, understanding the causes of abnormal pigmentation is crucial for treatment success, the one solution fits all conception will ultimately delivers undesirable results as it requires specific combination of various modalities to hinder the pigment development. By understanding the regulatory pathways of skin aging, we have pledged to develop a safe and effective approach to combat photoaging in achieving a brightened, healthy and luminous skin complexion. More importantly, our suggested treatments are exceedingly safe and stable in inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase by downregulating the proliferation of melanocytes.


                        Melasma                                                            Dark Spots / Age Spots                                                            Freckles                                                    Hyperpigmentation

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