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Anti-Blemish & Oil Balancing Therapy-ER Q-Switched YAG Laser

ER Q-Switched YAG Laser is one of the treatment options aimed at preventing light-to-moderate acne, although it has shown some efficacies in the treatment of severe acne (cysts/nodules). It works primarily on activating bacteria porphyrins (a compound produced by living bacteria) in treating both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne vulgaris on a variety of skin types. When the laser beams are shafted on the porphyrins, it damages the bacterial wall and eventually killing the bacteria. The decrease in the intensity of active bacteria thus helps to reduce the symptoms of acne.

On-going laser treatment also helps to reduce sebum production. Lower sebum levels are associated with lower incidence and severity of acne. Since acne is at its root an inflammatory disease, reducing inflammation indirectly helps to reduce the formation of acne as well. Depending on the severity of the acne, our laser specialist will recommend laser treatment to be combined alongside with other suppressing treatments, such as Revive Micro-Needling or Antiage Electroporation.

By inducing a destruction in inflammatory facial acne while providing a long-term suppression effects, you are highly recommended to use our effective adjunctive daily care such as Glowing CleanserFresHydra Tonic and Resurfacing Serum which carry the properties of anti-fungal and anti-bacteria while retaining the natural balance of lipid barrier of the skin. Don’t forget to apply our Timeless Sun Care which has potent broad spectrum sun protective functions which carries an array of effective antioxidants and skin restoring ingredients to safeguard your skin from any environmental damage.


What is the treatment interval?

It largely depends on your acne condition and whether you are experiencing breakouts or breakouts and post acneic scarring. Our laser specialist would recommend 6 regular control treatments with monthly touch-up until the expected satisfying results are achieved. The touch-ups will emit natural glowing on the skin with an improved complexion, stimulate collagen fibrin reproduction, while keeping acne at bay.

What difference will I see?

Firstly, less breakouts and clearer-looking skin. However, if you have dark spots and/or sun damage scarring, our Laser Specialist will apply different wavelengths of beams in the additional sessions to get the marks and scars completely diminishing.

What is the added advantage of ER Q-Switched YAG Laser?

The efficacy of this treatment may vary in different skin types with acne lesions, but this laser light therapy still poses as a great non-invasive option that corrects and maintains breakouts and scarring.

Clinical Trials

Treated Area: Acne 
Treatment Frequency: 3 weekly
Treatment Session: 2
Recommended Maintenance Care

Resurfacing Serum

- Purifying, Regulating, Repairing

Treatment Package